Let's give artists
what they deserve.

Put a donation button on all
Spotify user interfaces.

Spotify's revenue model is based off profits over-time rather than a single payout. The service has the potential to be viable for artists, but as of now it's pretty worthless. I suggest that Spotify adds a donation button on all Spotify user interfaces so we can give directly to the artist.

The goal of this petition is to show Spotify that people want to give back to artists what we think they deserve. Adding a donation button gives us the option to contribute however much we can and continue to use the service as intended. If you agree, please sign the petition.

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Spotify artist revenue inforgraphic

One half of one cent
for every play over 30 seconds.

Spotify pays royalties in relation to an artist's popularity on the service. The royalties payout information is not readily available from Spotify, but many artists have exposed their earnings and it's easy to compile some general stats.

  • Artists receive roughly one half of one cent per play.
  • iTunes pays artists about $0.70 of a $0.99 purchase.
  • 140 plays over 30 seconds equals the same $0.70 received from an iTunes purchase.

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If Spotify truly cares about the music and the artists it would add a donation button to all user interfaces. If anyone has ever used Humble Bundle you know that donation works. Communities of compassionate people are willing to give what they can. If I get enough signatures I will present this information to Spotify somehow and see if we can improve their awesome service.

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